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Travel Insurances

Extended Third-Party Insurance for private Skippers
As skipper of a foreign yacht you will be met with on the part of the crew and the yacht owner the greatest confidence. Both your competence and your sense of responsibility are the prerequisite for the job.

While others relax and enjoy the cruise, you must always concentrate or remain witted. A cool head you need to make quick decisions in precarious situations, which in many situations but can also end up reaching.

The lake is sometimes its own laws, but also human error by third parties can not affect the responsible skipper.

Boats have liability insurance in the rule. Nevertheless, it often happens that a yacht liability or comprehensive insurance in certain cases does not pay or are inadequate amounts of coverage or the scope of the contract. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you take an extended skipper liability insurance from the group of EIS charter insurance. From our own experience we know what the skipper and his crew in the worst case can come during the charter trips.

Deposit Insurance for Chartered Yachts
The phenomenon of forgetfulness occurs when you sail with your chartered yacht and your friends that only contribute to the successful boating holiday on the waters of your dreams. It is the feeling of freedom which makes us forget that the chartered yacht that is not ours.

And how quickly did it happen? A sail breaks, the screw touches the ground or our holiday yacht gets a few scratches. Understandably, the yacht owner secures against unpleasant surprises and charges a nominal fee, the deposit. If it finds after your return from the dream vacation even the smallest damage, he will deduct this deposit in whole or in part. On the other hand, you are well protected by a charter deposit insurance. Take advantage of our attractive deposit insurance for Skipper and Crew.

Travel Cancellation Expenses Insurance
A yacht charter is no pool visit and can turn costly. And how quickly something unexpected happens before departure? You or one of your friends get sick. Your vacation is canceled or other unevenness of life you spoil your dream vacation. With the cancellation insurance you keep the costs low. This insurance package to avoid during your yacht travel safely forget, enjoy impressive days on the water. We come into play when you need us.

Charter Price Contingency Insurance
With the travel price hedging to protect yourself against the financial risk, for example in case of non providing the service of the charterer.

Skipper & Crew Application
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Online Applications
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