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Omegasail owns a fleet of some 20 yachts, from 31 to 51 feet. These are generally Bavaria, Beneteau and Jeanneau yachts, as is fairly standard in the industry, but we occasionally can provide Hanse, Elan and so on.

At Omegasail, we believe we will not be beaten with the quality/price of the yachts we provide and the service that goes along with them. Our base staff will ensure you are given a thorough check in procedure, pointing out all of the important features of the yacht and showing you how they all work. Our maintenance programme is meticulous and we always insist on the highest standards. In the unlikely event of something going wrong with your yacht, our team is always on hand to resolve the matter with the minimum of fuss and delay to your trip. That said, with constant exposure to the UV rays of the sun, and the salt water, occasionally parts do fail in time and we ask for clients’ understanding should this occur. We will always get you on your way as soon as possible and have a very reasonable outlook in terms of whether the damage was caused by your party, or was merely a ‘wear and tear’ issue. Treating all parts of the yacht gently and with care, will prevent most frequent damages (and expenses!) from occurring, so it is best to brief your party members in the careful handling of everything on board after being shown by our base staff.

If any damage or breakage occurs during your trip, please inform us immediately, especially if it will involve replacement parts, in order that we source them for immediate replacement for the following week’s charter.